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You still have time! The first 25 subscribers to my monthly e-mail newsletter will receive a beautiful set of gift cards, your choice of floral or holiday, Christmas theme cards. It's absolutely free, and shipping is prepaid. Just click on this link and then click on the newsletter link on the left. I will notify you by email by August 1st if you are one of the first 25. Cards will be mailed out on November 1st, 2011. 

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Does anybody really buy art on Ebay???

I read a very interesting article by Jack White this week titled "What's Up with Ebay?"  What he did, in a nutshell, is created a fake persona artist (very hot young single artist), wrote little fake stories to go along with his artwork, and for THREE years he sold work on ebay. He started out at $.99 per artwork - plus shipping for original oil paintings! He made more money each year and I think in year three he earned somewhere in the $45,000 range. It was an experiment for him on ebay selling. At the end he was selling the paintings in the $500 range. It was a lesson on building up collectors, and also building a good reputation as a seller on ebay.

So I went to e-bay to look at original oil paintings. I was pleased (and dismayed) to find that there are quite a few in the $.99 range. As someone who is starting to collect art I was pleased. As someone who sells art for a living I was dismayed. Wow, the canvas/board alone costs more than that. And oil paints are really expensive. But then I started to realize that in every job you have to start at the bottom, in the mailroom so to speak. No offense to anyone who really works in a mailroom. Actors have to do Preparation H commercials before they win the Academy Award. Rachel Ray started out doing knife demonstrations in Macy's, long before launching her career.

Here are some things I'm curious about:

Do you (my readers and friends) buy stuff on ebay??

Would you buy art on ebay?? For $.99??

If not art, what do you buy on ebay??

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! I'm going to close for now, and go look for some treasures on ebay!

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Paint mishaps.........

What happens when your dog meets your palette

This is what happens when you leave your palette with wet paint on it by the back door, where your dogs come in and out. Not a smart idea!

You know how when you are exhausted after painting all day, not at home, and you come home and you have to start dinner, clean up, sort through the mail, move the laundry that's been fermenting in your washer all day, and just all the general hit you in the face chores that happen when you walk in your front door? Well, it was one of those days, and I was too exhausted to carry my heavy painting basket downstairs to the studio. So I plopped it by the back door with a very wet palette full of paint right on top. Oil paints are very expensive and so I use them a couple of days in a row before scraping them down and starting with new paint. Then forgot about them. Let the dogs in, let the dogs out, let the dogs in again. Then I went outside to feed them and was startled to see Mitzi, the white English Sheepdog, covered in blood! I ran over to her, and noticed her blood was very bright red near her eyes (cadmium light) and a much darker shade on her body (alizirin crimson) And then I noticed her partner in crime, Lilly, had a red, orange, and yellow tail. On pure black it looked beautiful. Lillie's tail, which wags a lot, and very vigorously had to have hit the palette, and then proceeded to hit Mitzi's face, and side of her body in many places. So after I finished laughing I freaked out, because cadmium is poisonous, and ran them over to the hose to (try) to shampoo it out of their fur. Most of it came out and they are didn't have any on their tongues or around their mouth. Lesson learned about putting your stuff away when you get home!

The funniest part came later when I was out to dinner with my husband. My oldest daughter, Alyssa, called my cell phone during dinner. So I answered and she's screaming into the phone "Mom, Lilly attacked Mitzi and she's got bite wounds all over her! She looks like she was shot!"  I explained to her that the dogs got into my red paint. We all had a good laugh over it, but I have to say I feel bad now when my dogs run and hide when I walk by with my palette and brushes.

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